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Metal Roofs Vs Shingles

If you are in the roofing stage of your building, then this question may have crossed your mind at least once. With the hype about metal roofs increasing daily, you would want to know if you should stick with the traditional look of shingles or join the bandwagon of metal roof users.

There has been an increase in the demand for metal roofs for re-roofing projects. This means that homeowners are opting for metal roofs, while people with shingle roofs are getting a re-roofing with metals.

Advantages of Metal roofs over shingles

So, why are people opting for metal roofs? There must be some sort of catch, right? Which is better: a metal roof or shingles? Metal roofs offer some significant advantages over shingles. Here are some of these advantages;


If you use a metal roof, can you recall the last time you had to replace it? Probably never. This is a major reason why people still choose metal roofing  over shingles despite the former being more expensive. Minimizing the number of times you need to replace your roof is a smart decision, and it can only be achieved by installing a durable roof. A good metal roof has an average lifespan of 50years. They are designed to resist very harsh weather conditions.

Energy efficiency:

Painted metal roofs are made of cool roof pigments. This material is reflective, so the amount of energy absorbed by the roof is reduced. Also, metal roofs have a high thermal emitting capacity, which means that the roof panel can easily release the heat that is absorbed. These features make buildings cooler as less amount of heat enters the home.


Everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing building, and this can be achieved with metal roofs. Metals come in a variety of colors, designs, and styles.


Metal roofs are more fireproof than shingles. Also, it is not difficult for shingles to separate from their pieces during extremely windy conditions and come flying around. This can be dangerous, as a collision between a piece of shingle roof and a person would be fatal.

Higher value:

With the high demand for metal roofs, research has shown that metal roofs increase a home resale value up to 6% when compared to shingles.

In roofing, cheaper is not always better. Before choosing a roof for your building, remember that roofing projects are long-term investments, and quality is always better in the long run.