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Roof Boots – High Temperature

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Used to seal around plumbing pipes for high temperature applications.

#3 Pipe Boot fits 1/4″ to 5″ diameter
#5 Pipe Boot fits 4 1/4″ to 7 1/2″ diameter
#7 Pipe Boot fits 6″ to 11″ diameter
#9 Pipe Boot fits 9″ to 19″ diameter

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Roof Boots are a roof flashing system designed to form a seal on all types of roofing surfaces (metal, tile, plastic and more), and on most any panel configuration and pitch. Depending upon the product, Roof Boots are warrantied for 20 to 35 years from the manufacturer.

Learn more about installing this product in our Installation Guide.

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#3 High Temp Boot, #5 High Temp Boot, #7 High Temp Boot, #9 High Temp Boot