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Metal Roofing Info

What is the best color for a metal roof?

Finding the right coating for your roof can be tough. Deciding on the right color finish for a metal roof can be an even harder choice. If you find yourself in a color-picking dilemma, there’s no need to fret. This post explores all things you must consider before choosing the right color for your metal roof.

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When it comes to choosing the right color for your home or business roof, our expertise can help you come to the right choice without needing to memorize all the details surrounding factors like solar reflectance [how much heat the roof will reflect] and emissivity [how the metal itself heats up under its conditions], we’ve got that down for you.

Why Is The Color Of My Metal Roof Important?

Metal is among the most energy efficient roofing materials around. It can save your home or warehouse up to 40 percent in energy spending, helping to prevent the structure from heating up on hotter days while providing excellent insulation during colder seasons.

It’s not only about how the completed structure will appear. Your color choice must consider the practical effects of the roof as well. The people and equipment that occupy the building will be affected by the result.

Choosing The Right Finish For Your Metal Roof?

The secret to the energy saving and insulation properties of metal roofs lays with the variety of finishes that can be applied to them. As a general rule, an unpainted metal roof will reflect more solar energy compared to a roof that is asphalt.

Asphalt absorbs and retains more heat. On the other hand, granular coated or pre-painted metal roofs reflect solar radiation. This works to cool your home or building by re-emitting most of the heat energy absorbed.

A metal roof that is painted in a highly reflective coat is considered the most optimal for lowering energy consumption. Research shows that they can re-emit close to 90 percent of the solar radiation they absorb, preventing that heat from entering your home.

Which Color To Choose For Your Roof?

Among the most energy efficient finishes for your metal roof is a choice of roof coatings called “cool-metal”. These highly reflective coatings are infused with cool pigments that increase the reflectiveness of your roof. The effect is a cooler roof and home even on the sunniest days.

In general, lighter colors are more effective at being energy efficient than darker colors. But you cannot focus on energy efficiency alone, the overall look of the finished building must be considered as well.

Energy efficiency aside, a trend in the home and warehouse space is the choice of dark roofing coats. While dark colors do lose some effect in their heat and energy efficiency, they are typically easier to make visually appealing than a plain uncoated metal roof. A lighter colored roof can also help a structure stand out visually, while retaining maximum energy efficiency.

Those who make use of cool metal roofing see less energy consumption when it comes to their air conditioning needs. Buildings without air conditioning benefit by being cooler with the use of cool metal options.

At Buy Metal Roofing Direct, we understand the weight that comes with good metal roofing choices. The effects it can have on the occupants of the building as well as how the end product looks is not lost either. At Tri County Metals, we offer only the best metal roof color advice and products.